Need To Talk is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE. We have been offering creative solutions to our clients through our strategic and effective approach to both offline and online experiences. We help our clients to achieve objectives and sustain growth and offer a full spectrum of digital marketing services.

Our Services

What can we help you with?

Content Writing

Whenever Needtotalk are asked to create a highly engaging, original and bespoke content that instantly click the people, we make it possible for our customers.

Design & Animation

Needtotalk is a company of creative Animators using digital techniques along with traditional artistry to produce content for Commercials & Interactive Programming.

Web Development

We support agencies on a project basis as front-end and back-end developers should your resources or the appropriate know-how for a project be missing. Freelance Development, Typo3, Wordpress, Custom Applications

Social Media Marketing

For more online reach PPC Campaigns Google Adwords Facebook Ads

Inbound Marketing

This is where we stand out from the pack. We believe in closed loop marketing in which we not only design beautiful web experiences and send quality traffic but then help nurture users down a path that leads to actual…

Paid Media

Our multi-channel approach allows us to determine the best channels for a particular client and advise on the distribution of ad dollars across networks.


The cornerstone of our expertise is Organic SEO backed by a Content Marketing team who have mastered the search engines.


Our Clients